Monday, March 2, 2009


Create 3 cohesive illustrations for 3 Zodiac signs of your choosing. These images should be vignettes with organic borders (not boxed in by the edge of you paper,etc).  The imagery is up to your choosing, whether these are symbolic characters or abstract depictions. We are NOT looking for the everyday logos or symbols. There is no audience or client given to you, but you as the artist have the freedom to direct this assignment any way you see fit (for instance, zodiac for children or zodiac for the Hot Topic crowd).

 3 separate pieces, but size is up to you. Color is necessary.


Do some research, but here are some characteristics to get you started…

ARIES- independent, courageous, impatient

TAURUS- loyal, generous, stubborn

GEMINI- witty, energetic, superficial

CANCER- caring, dependable, oversensitive

LEO- confident, ambitious, domineering

VIRGO- observant, helpful, skeptical

LIBRA- graceful, peaceful, indecisive

SCORPIO- passionate, resourceful, manipulative

SAGITTARIUS- adventurous, optimistic, reckless

CAPRICORN- patient, responsible, unimaginative

AQUARIUS- inventive, original, rebellious

PISCES- imaginative, devoted, lazy


 Sketch Due: March 4th

 Final Due: March 9th

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