Monday, March 30, 2009

Assignment: Final Project

Well, if you can believe it we're getting to the last part of the class. Now is the time for you to cement your ideas for independent projects. Focus on a market, audience, or genre and create a series of cohesive images that are consistent in style and treatment.  The rest of the semester will be composed of class crits, individual meetings, and smaller group meetings. 

You should have an idea to propose next class on Wednesday. Please have it typed up with your name on it for me. You will recieve feedback and input in class and you'll have a week to finalize it and make any changes if neccessary.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Student Work: Music Poster

Emilee McGlory (Best limited palette!)

Chris Thibodeau (Best use of a primate!)

Erica Allard (Most ambitious text!)

Jeff Chouiniere (Best use of inanimate objects!) 

Shane Murphy (Best use of band title!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This is a REAL assignment being given to you by Denise Gibson, Art Director of Venuszine. Below is a description of the assignment, and one student will be published in an upcoming issue. This assignment involves you creating an info-graphic. Info-graphics might use maps, charts, and other “systems” combined with illustrated elements to create an intriguing image conveying certain information. Many artists have found this to be niche market, with art directors looking for new and interesting ways to display information without it seeming dull or dry in appearance.

Denise wrote:

The purpose of the piece is to demonstrate the importance of the "scene" in indie music. I want it to show how independent music scenes have spread in the past forty years. 

 Whereas the first part of the timeline attached shows one scene follows another and so on, In the past ten years, we see many disparate scenes cropping up in different parts of the country at the same time (for this reason, a timeline won't work, and I personally think it would be a boring way to arrange this info). 

For ease of use, this is arranged chronologically, but the info-graphic doesn't necessarily need to be arranged as suchIncluded in this document is place/years/bands that were active in that particular place at that particular time. Also included throughout the document are band/people that link one scene to another. Not sure if these links will be useful, but I figure more data is better.

 Size is 8.5” wide by 5” tall

 I'd like to see options/sketches from the whole class by 3/30. I will then choose 3 "finalists" which I will give corrections/feedback to. I'd like those 3 final illustrations by 4/10. 

Have sketches for Wednesday as usual!! This will be a 2 week project.


Student Work: Zodiac

Can you guess what they are??

Emilee McGlory

Logan Faerber

Salem Minegar

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Student Work: United Airlines Ad

This week we have some blog newbies voted in. Congrats!

Christopher Parent, "Travel in Comfort"

Christopher Thibodeau, "Travel in Comfort"

Jeff Chouiniere, "Grow your miles even faster"

Salem Minegar, "Travel in Comfort"

Band/Musician Poster

Music Posters range from the brightly colored Hot Rod and “low brow” references to elegantly simple and graphic images. Since these announcements are temporary (instead of the permanent-quality of say, a CD cover) band posters can have more artistic freedom.

 Make a poster for a musician or band. TEXT IS REQUIRED. Create an intriguing image that incorporates information effectively. Use the images from the presentation to inspire you with ideas, text, and color. Size is up to you (however, remember that hand drawn or painted text may be harder the smaller you go).

 Poster information: Price, Venue (you can make it up), Date, Time, Music Act (duh)

 Sketch Due: Mar 11th

Final Due: Mar 23rd  (Spring Break!!)


12:00 Chris T.

12:15 Shane

12:30 Emilee

12:45 Drew

1:30 Danielle

1:45 Nicole

2:00 Cathy

2:15 Clovis

2:30 Lillie

2:45 Logan

3:00 Chris

3:30 Matt

4:00 Erica A.

4:15 Erica P.

4:30 Cory

5:30 Salem

5:45 Meghan

6:00 Jeff

Monday, March 2, 2009


Create 3 cohesive illustrations for 3 Zodiac signs of your choosing. These images should be vignettes with organic borders (not boxed in by the edge of you paper,etc).  The imagery is up to your choosing, whether these are symbolic characters or abstract depictions. We are NOT looking for the everyday logos or symbols. There is no audience or client given to you, but you as the artist have the freedom to direct this assignment any way you see fit (for instance, zodiac for children or zodiac for the Hot Topic crowd).

 3 separate pieces, but size is up to you. Color is necessary.


Do some research, but here are some characteristics to get you started…

ARIES- independent, courageous, impatient

TAURUS- loyal, generous, stubborn

GEMINI- witty, energetic, superficial

CANCER- caring, dependable, oversensitive

LEO- confident, ambitious, domineering

VIRGO- observant, helpful, skeptical

LIBRA- graceful, peaceful, indecisive

SCORPIO- passionate, resourceful, manipulative

SAGITTARIUS- adventurous, optimistic, reckless

CAPRICORN- patient, responsible, unimaginative

AQUARIUS- inventive, original, rebellious

PISCES- imaginative, devoted, lazy


 Sketch Due: March 4th

 Final Due: March 9th

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Montserrat closed Monday, March 2nd

Hey gang,

 Class has been cancelled for this Monday, so we will simply be meeting Wednesday and critiquing the United ads then. Pay attention for further instructions on what SKETCHES you should have for Wednesday.