Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Band/Musician Poster

Music Posters range from the brightly colored Hot Rod and “low brow” references to elegantly simple and graphic images. Since these announcements are temporary (instead of the permanent-quality of say, a CD cover) band posters can have more artistic freedom.

 Make a poster for a musician or band. TEXT IS REQUIRED. Create an intriguing image that incorporates information effectively. Use the images from the presentation to inspire you with ideas, text, and color. Size is up to you (however, remember that hand drawn or painted text may be harder the smaller you go).

 Poster information: Price, Venue (you can make it up), Date, Time, Music Act (duh)

 Sketch Due: Mar 11th

Final Due: Mar 23rd  (Spring Break!!)


12:00 Chris T.

12:15 Shane

12:30 Emilee

12:45 Drew

1:30 Danielle

1:45 Nicole

2:00 Cathy

2:15 Clovis

2:30 Lillie

2:45 Logan

3:00 Chris

3:30 Matt

4:00 Erica A.

4:15 Erica P.

4:30 Cory

5:30 Salem

5:45 Meghan

6:00 Jeff

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