Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Student Work: Sound

Voted to the top!
Logan Faerber

jeff new
Jeff Chouiniere

Ryan Connell (not a square but we still love him!)

cathy new
Cathy Stephens

United Airlines Ad

 Create an illustration that would be used to advertise United Airlines, who has a history of using fun, whimsical, and clever illustrations to attract customers and communicate their services. Use the ads presented in class as inspiration.

SIZE: Width- 7.5" x Height- 8.5"

 Choose one of the following themes:

“Cargo” (a basic theme)

“Travel in comfort” (pillows, leg room, etc)

“Grow your miles even faster” (frequent flyer miles, special vacations)

 Sketch Due: Feb 25th

 Final Due: March 2nd

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Student Artwork: "The Witches" Book Cover

Before every critique, students are asked to nominate two pieces of artwork as their favorites from the finished illustrations. Some votes are cast because of concept, others for execution, and some for both. Congratulations to the students below!

Cathy Stephens

Shane Murphy

Ryan Connell

Jeff Chouiniere

Student Artwork: Guitar Hero

Congrats to Emilee McGlory for getting top marks from Eliot Min of Harmonix! Her character was for the music genre Speedcore & Gabber.

Eliot's feedback: "I like how far you've gone with this design.  It definitely speaks to how extreme the genre is.  I also enjoy how you tied in the chainsaw and power tools that remind me of how the music sounds.  The character is aggressive in design and has a Doomsday motif that seems to permeate through out Speedcore and Gabber.  An overall successful design!"


Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Sound" Gallery Project

Thanks to class A for pointing out that there was a typo for the the book cover handout. height should be 8.5", not 6.5". Sorry for the confusion!

 For the last few decades art coming from illustration, tattooing, comics, and other “lowbrow” sources have gained wild popularity in the US as well as around the globe. Some of these artists balance their gallery pieces with commercial work, while others simply show what they are producing for clients. This culture has allowed new income and recognition for artists that would previously been shun from the fine art world.

  Some shows require certain themes or restrictions for artists. You will be making a personal piece meant for a gallery along the theme of “Sound”. The size of your piece must be square (but it can be any size of square). Think about presentation and the final product- this is not something you can edit in photoshop before emailing it to an art director!


Sketch Due: Feb 18th (Bring in “the Witches” final, too)

Final Due: Feb 20th

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"The Witches" Cover

Roald Dahl is known as one of the best selling authors of books for adults and children alike. He is known for quirky, often dark material such as “James and the Giant Peach”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, and “Matilda”.  Equally as loved are the illustrations that accompany Dahl’s tales done by Quentin Blake, who’s off beat line work and spontaneous handling compliments the uniqueness of the stories they illustrate.

 This week, you will be doing a cover for Roald Dahl’s “The Witches” (later became a movie in 1990). Size of book covers are usually 5.5”x8.5”, and your image should accommodate that ratio. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ADD TYPE, but you do need to make sure there is room for text such as the title and name of the illustrator and author.

 I have approved the Wikipedia summary as accurate and suggest that if you have only seen the movie that you note there are differences from the original story.

 Sketch Due: Feb 11 (GH images are due by midnight! Please email a low-res jpeg)

 Final Due: Feb 18

Watch the trailer!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guitar Hero Challenge

given to you by Harmonix  concept artist Eliot Min

 When designing music games, it's not only important to choose songs that best represent the genre, it's also important to design characters that well represent the genre too.  Fans of music are easily offended when they feel that their musical tastes have been misrepresented, so it is important for us concept artists to make sure each outfit we design is in tune with the musical scene they come from.  We do lots of research on the fashion that each genre of music births and try to emulate the thought process of its followers.  In this assignment we will explore the design process of a concept artist.


Pick your favorite genre of music.  Design a character that you think best represents that genre.  Make sure you have 2 versions of your design.  One should be no smaller than 15 x 20 inches, and the other version should be no larger than 3 x 4 inches.  These two versions can be the same design, one just being a smaller print.  The importance of this is, when designing characters for video games, characters must be recognizable when they are close, but also when they are far away.

 Listen to a lot of music when doing this assignment, and have fun.

 Sketches due Feb. 4th

 Final due Feb. 9th


Eliot Min is a Concept Artist for Harmonix Music Systems Inc., the company responsible for the popular Rock Band games and the earlier Guitar Hero titles. When he's not busy creating characters, environments, and instruments, he creates promotional art (above) used for advertising and marketing after the game is in production. You may remember Eliot as a guest artist in the Fall of 2008 for Montserrat's Illustration Department. He is happy to join us once again!