Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Sound" Gallery Project

Thanks to class A for pointing out that there was a typo for the the book cover handout. height should be 8.5", not 6.5". Sorry for the confusion!

 For the last few decades art coming from illustration, tattooing, comics, and other “lowbrow” sources have gained wild popularity in the US as well as around the globe. Some of these artists balance their gallery pieces with commercial work, while others simply show what they are producing for clients. This culture has allowed new income and recognition for artists that would previously been shun from the fine art world.

  Some shows require certain themes or restrictions for artists. You will be making a personal piece meant for a gallery along the theme of “Sound”. The size of your piece must be square (but it can be any size of square). Think about presentation and the final product- this is not something you can edit in photoshop before emailing it to an art director!


Sketch Due: Feb 18th (Bring in “the Witches” final, too)

Final Due: Feb 20th

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